List Rental Agreement

Maybe you just want to mail to a list one time. This agreement will allow you to use a mailing list one time for a fixed fee…

Intellectual Property Rights Agreement

You have this great idea that is very profitable, money saving, time saving or just valuable in some way. Unless it’s totally TOP SECRET information that can't be shared with anyone outside of your company, it makes sense to make even more money from your ideas.

Demand For Payment

There may come a time when someone will not be paying you according to your agreement, or that will breach the agreement you made together.

Copy Writer Agreement

Do you need a great sales letter, classified ad, newspaper ad, newsletter or yellow page ad written? Unless you are going to do it by yourself…

Contingency Letter Agreement

Offering your work on a contingency basis, is a great opportunity for both the business owner and the consultant…

Authorization to Negotiate

OK you got a deal coming up with a major player, but maybe you aren’t that great at negotiating.  This letter will authorize that person to negotiate for you and your company…

JVC Swipe File

This document has 6 short email ideas for you to invite your network to the Joint Venture Community. Be sure to use your unique partner link for them to sign up.