About Your Joint Venture Community Network

Your Reason to Join the Joint Venture Community.

With all the noise and distractions that are around today we hardly get a moment to think. With social media being used as a place to talk about anything from friends, events and business you can easily get distracted and lost in the noise. Others that are focused more to the business side of things is flooded with employees and again posts about a work anniversary or a birthday or worse, something completely unrelated to business at all.

We what if you could find a place that is solely focused on one thing? What if all the things you read were looking to find new ways to make money working with other like minded business owners? How would it feel that when you post on your wall about looking for a strategic partnership for your niche your mum or aunty aren’t the ones to reply, but other business owners interested in learning more about the opportunity. How would you feel if you had a real business network whose whole focus was to do deals and make more profit?

The Real Business Network

The Joint Venture Community is exactly that. It is a membership site for business owners to be able to post what sort of Joint Venture partners they are looking for and connect with those interested in the opportunity.

What if within the next four weeks you made a Joint Venture deal that added 10-20-30% to your bottom line? What if it was more??

What if you made a post yesterday and you found you had several replies from actual business owners wanting to work with you.

That is the Joint Venture Community. It’s Where Deals Get Done!

About The Community Founders

Our founders, Josh Niven and Jim Outridge are master connectors and have been creating Joint Ventures collectively for over 25 years. They came together after a chance meeting in Las Vegas at a training seminar with both of them having pretty much the same idea. Divided they didn’t have the resources or team so they partnered up in what is shaping to be the best Joint Venture of their lives, one that will benefit all who join.

So here they bring you this space for you, our members. To learn, grow and connect with the sole focus on Getting the Deal DONE!

To find out more about Josh and Jim join our Community and you will get to know us first hand through a discovery call with either of us to see how we can help you and introduce you to your next JV partner.

We invite you to join. Come in and have a look around. We offer a thirty-day money back guarantee. We are confident that you will stay because as we grow, there will be many opportunities coming to you.

All we seek is a win for you and your business.

See you on the inside.

Josh Niven and Jim Outridge.

Jim Outridge

Jim Outridge

Josh Niven

Josh Niven

Get deals done and get them done NOW!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to expand your network and connect with people and businesses that ‘Get Deals Done’. Join now while we still have room for you.